Lyrics : Find the Words To Your Favorite Songs

singing in car Lyrics : Find the Words To Your Favorite SongsHave you ever been singing along with the radio but you aren’t quite sure what words are being sung by the pop star or musical group? This happens to me all the time! I recently found a website that will find pretty much any song and it gives you the lyrics. , pretty straight forward website, huh? I have found it very useful over the past few months. Just type the artist or the song and POOF you will instantly know the words!


Another way to find lyrics to your favorite songs is through YouTube.

The “old school” way of finding lyrics to your favorite song is by buying the CD. Yes, the round thing that plays music. Usually the lyrics are in the inside of the case. And this way works just as well!


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Chgall: The Falling Angel (1923-47)

My play A Walk through the End of Time is being given at the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre, Walton-on-Thames, next Friday, 5 June, 8pm. Tickets are just £5 each and the evening will involve a rehearsed reading by actors Caroline Dooley and David Webb. The next evening the Cremona Trio (and friend) will be giving a performance of the complete Messiaen Quartet for the End of Time and they and I will all be there on Friday to take part in a Q&A session after the reading. Come along and find out about Messiaen, Stalag VIIIA, the significance of these pictures by Chagall and Yves Klein and why this piece can and does matter so much to us all.

Yves Klein: Leap into the Void (1960)

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Anniversary joy: Korngold plays Korngold

It's Korngold's birthday (118) and how better to celebrate than listening to him play his own music? This is the 'Pierrot Tanzlied' from his most popular opera, Die tote Stadt, recorded in 1951 during the composer's optimistic yet short-lived attempt to return to Vienna after more than a decade of exile in Hollywood. He makes the piano sound like a couple of full orchestras. Enjoy.

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Lovely piano, shame about the Schubert

I was kind of underwhelmed by Barenboim's approach to Schubert yesterday, sorry to say. But his bespoke piano sounds terrific.

Here's my review in The Arts Desk
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