Lyrics : Find the Words To Your Favorite Songs

singing in car Lyrics : Find the Words To Your Favorite SongsHave you ever been singing along with the radio but you aren’t quite sure what words are being sung by the pop star or musical group? This happens to me all the time! I recently found a website that will find pretty much any song and it gives you the lyrics. Lyrics.comĀ , pretty straight forward website, huh? I have found it very useful over the past few months. Just type the artist or the song and POOF you will instantly know the words!


Another way to find lyrics to your favorite songs is through YouTube.

The “old school” way of finding lyrics to your favorite song is by buying the CD. Yes, the round thing that plays music. Usually the lyrics are in the inside of the case. And this way works just as well!


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Barenboim: a Chopin recital

...And while I continued to hunt for Barenboim playing Schubert, after I found the two-pianos trailer with Argerich, I then found him in a sensational Chopin recital from Warsaw in Chopin year, 2010.

Listen to the way Barenboim seems to orchestrate at the piano; the range of colour he can draw from the instrument, as if controlling woodwinds and string sections; the way he builds a sense of narrative and allows absolute logic to meld with on-stage spontaneity - e.g. in the "Heroic" Polonaise and the Minute Waltz. And the sheer scruff-of-the-neck way that his musicianship can grab you and command you to listen to the whole concert even when you thought you'd just dip in and hear the F minor Fantasy before getting back to everything else you were meant to be doing today...

I'm off for a spot of summer opera hopping soon - encompassing Monteverdi, Verdi and my first-ever trip to Bayreuth - so I'll shut up now and let the music do the speaking.

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How Arab and Jewish musicians have been united in Nazareth

Fantastic article in The Guardian by Maya Jaggi about a project that seems to offer a vision of hope even at a time like this. Please read.
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Friday historical-to-be: Barenboim and Argerich in duo

I was hunting for film of Daniel Barenboim playing Schubert, when I came across this trailer for a new release featuring him and Martha Argerich playing works for piano duet and two pianos. Schubert, Mozart and The Rite of Spring, no less, recorded live at the Philharmonie in Berlin. This isn't historical yet, but it's a history-worthy occasion.

Barenboim, meanwhile, has written the only wise and constructive article I've yet read about the horrifying conflagration in Gaza. Here it is. Please read.

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